$10.99 – $12.99 for VIV Collection Women’s Printed Brushed Capris

If you love VIV Collection Women’s Printed Brushed Capris, then these brand new capris that are cut above the ankle will be a perfect addition to your collection! I think with the right top they’d be so cute. You can pick up a pair now for as low as $10.99!

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Highlights of VIV Collection Women’s Printed Brushed Capris 

  • If you love VIV Collection’s printed leggings, then these brand new capris are just for you!
  • Fitted, tapered leggings that are cut midway between your ankle and your knee.
  • Approximate measurements (regular): 17 3/8″ (44 cm) inseam, 27″ (69 cm) outseam, 23″ (58 cm) elastic waistband
  • Machine wash cold / Do not bleach / Tumble dry low
  • **WARNING** Products that you purchase outside of ViV Collection may differ from their original in ways such as style, fit, material, color, and/or quality; we will not be able to provide proper or accurate customer support for such purchases.

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