25.99! 2-in-1 Stainless Mozeeda Portable Handheld Coffee Makers

Amazon is offering a great deal on this Mozeeda Portable Handheld Coffee Makers, this little guy is so much fun. You’ll have a blast making delicious espresso! Two colors are available.

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Five Functions

  • Measuring cup
  • Coffee bean storage
  • Coffee bean grinding miller
  • Rigid filter
  • Drinking cup

MOZEEDA Portable Manual Coffee Grinder, 2-in-1 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker with Filter 

  • [ALL IN ONE INNOVATE INVENTION] Design and implementation of a hybrid 4-in-1 coffee maker( one coffee grinder+one brewer+one coffee filter+two mugs = our new coffee maker)allows you to save place and money. It can hold up to 240ml of water, can serve 1-2 persons every time. Also you can use the filter and mug as a tea infuser bottle to steep loose leaf tea
  • [BE YOUR OWN BARISTA] It’s a highly portable gift for someone who is looking for freshly ground coffee for working, traveling, hiking, camping expeditions
  • [SIMPLE TO OPERATE] While it does take a full 1-2 minutes to grind a scoop worth of beans (It can grind 24g coffee beans at a time). Then add hot water and brew. You can adjust coffee fineness from coarse to fine by simply turning a knob
  • [QUALITY MATERIALS] The grinder made of ceramics adopts graphite design. The foldable rocker makes it portble and more labor saving. Tumblers feature stainless steel environment friendly and healthy inner container, protecting the hands from the heat and having cretain heat insulation effect
  • [PORTABLE AND COMPACT] Diameter 3.35” Height 9.25”. Only 1.3 lbs weight of portable coffee maker. Small enough to fit in your Backpack, briefcase,or travel bag

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