Airbnb – Legal and Illegal Countries (Updated as at 2017)

“Is Airbnb illegal?”. The first question that everyone asks themselves when they start considering short-term rentals. Using Airbnb, a short-term rental service that enables homeowners or tenants to rent out properties for side income, is a huge hit with budget-conscious travelers. Regulatory boards around the world, however, are proving to be a far different story.

So if you’re planning to use Airbnb (either as a traveler or as a host), you should run some due diligence to make sure that the city in question fosters a supportive environment of Airbnb. Even more important, be sure the listing complies with the city’s current municipal codes.

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Airbnb – Legal Countries

The New York State Senate recently passed legislation, signed by Governor

Reykjavik, Tourism is booming in Iceland, so it makes sense that Airbnb would be, too.

Amsterdam, After imposing a €24,000 ($26,000) fine on an Airbnb owner in October 2015

London, And Londoners interested in renting out their properties on Airbnb should benefit from a new amendment to the city’s housing legislation (which passed Parliament in March 2015), which will allow homeowners to rent out their house, flat or spare rooms for up to three months a year.

Paris, The City of Light is one of Airbnb’s most popular destinations, with some 40,000 hosts

New Orleans, Some in the Big Easy have long questioned Airbnb, and the city currently has more

Barcelona, Authorities in Spain’s second most populous city followed in the path of their Parisian counterparts when they levied heavy fines against Airbnb (24,000 euros) for “serious” breaches of local laws. Violations stemmed from hosts allegedly failing to register rental units with the Tourism Registry of Catalonia and also attempting to circumvent regional laws that prohibit renting out rooms in private residences.

Santa Monica

Berlin, Laws enacted May 1 stipulate that landlords are forbidden from renting out



Airbnb is far from a stranger to controversy. Supporters argue that the service allows travelers to rent more affordable lodging, while opponents accuse Airbnb of being a detriment to housing prices, supply and neighborhood quality of life. Cities have a wide range of approaches in dealing with the service, from stringent Santa Monica to fairly laissez-faire Amsterdam. Given this situation, any prospective Airbnb host needs to know where their city lies on this spectrum. Otherwise, they have a possible chance of being slapped with a harsh penalty or, if they’re a tenant, even being evicted from their residence.

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