ASTI Ecotones ASM1002 – Adaptive Sound Technologies – Sound+Sleep, Sleep Therapy System

Sound+Sleep is redefining the science of sleep. Utilizing ASTI’s patented Adaptive Sound technology, Sound+Sleep continuously and automatically ‘listens’ and analyzes background sounds in your environment for unwanted and disruptive ambient noise. It responds to these intrusive noises by remixing sound profiles and adjusting volume to neutralize them without becoming disruptive itself, all while producing the highest quality sound of any ASTI machine.  This sleep therapy system is as close to perfect as actually exists. Personally I strongly recommend!

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About Sleep Therapy System

  • HEALTHY, STEADY SLEEP: instantly mask out disruptive noise. Enjoy quality sleep with sounds that relax your mind. The ultimate sleep comfort.
  • 10+ NATURAL SOUND STORIES: Choose from 10+ sound stories taken from natural environments or non-repeating unique fan and white noise sounds.
  • ADAPTIVE SOUND TECHNOLOGY: Patented, innovative technology that adjusts volume automatically based on ambient noise levels in your environment, so you always get the best listening experience in real-time.
  • SLEEP TIMER: Set your Sound+Sleep or Sound+Sleep MINI to poweroff once you have drifted off.
  • SOUND RICHNESS CONTROL: Add layers of audio for a more enhanced, immersive sound profile.

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