Best Deal! Bath Bombs with Moisture Resistant Bag Wrapped – only $2 each!

Amazon offers a good deal on Bath Bombs with Moisture Resistant Bag Wrapped (10 pack) for only $19.99! That’s just $2 each for a large tennis ball sized bath bomb!

hey come individually wrapped with a ribbon and a label inside that has the name and ingredients listed. Even sweet, you get 10 large sized bath bombs with almost no duplicates within a set for a very reasonable price. I would recommend you to buy this great product!

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About Bath Bombs with Moisture Resistant Bag Wrapped

  • Large in size each bath bomb is approximately 4.5 oz. equal to a Large Tennis ball Size
  • Handmade fresh to order using only the finest premium natural ingredients
  • Individually wrapped with a premium ribbon label inside has name, ingredients, etc.
  • Most infused with premium toppings such as flower buds, flower pedals, glitter & sea salt
  • Worlds largest selection of bath bombs 50+ different ones made with pride in the USA

BUY NOW: Click Here

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