Cheap and Easy! $18 for Gordon Ramsay mix & match Steak

This article teaches you how to cook a perfect Gordon Ramsay mix & match Steak with $18. Yes, you have to make it and it is just 15 mins and very easy, so why we need to have an expensive steak at restaurant?

Gordon Ramsay mix & match Steak


Total cost: $144.07 for 8 persons, $18 / person


  1. Choosing your steak
    Rib-eye: The chef’s favourite. Allow 200-250g per head to allow for trimming. This cut used to be quite cheap, but is now creeping up in price. It has an open-fibre texture and a marbling of creamy fat. Cook with the surrounding fat still attached, then remove after cooking, if you prefer. The fat adds flavour as well as basting the meat during cooking. click here to buy
  2. To cook your steaks, heat a frying pan – to a very hot for rib-eye. Add a swirl of oil, with a whole garlic clove and a herb sprig. Season the steaks with salt and pepper and cook for 1½-2½ mins on each side. For fillet steak, cook the rounded edges too, turning to seal them well.
  3. If you’re cooking rib-eye steaks, add a knob of butter to the pan, allow to foam a little and baste the steaks. T-bone steak has plenty of fat, so simply spoon it over the meat as it renders down. Remove steaks to a plate and allow to rest for at least 5 mins. Trim off any unwanted fat.
  4. Slice rib-eye steak along the grain, then arrange on a plate with your chosen sauce and side dish. My personal preferences are for rib-eye with mushrooms and the shallot & red wine sauce; fillet steak with oven chips and bois boudrin; and T-bone with wilted spinach and mushroom sauce.

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