Good Quality! Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter (Full/Queen with Corner Tab)

Goose down comforter may not be right for you. Many people may find out they are allergic to down comforters. For them, the only solution is to use an down alternative comforter. You can now get this new offer on Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter, Full/Queen with Corner Tab – now just $29.99!

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  • Luxury goose down-alternative comforter for year round.
  • Box stitching design to avoid any shifting, Piped edges and four corner tabs to anchor duvet cover.
  • Full/Queen Comforter size is 88″x88″.
  • 100-Percent Hypo-allergenic, Allergy Free Poly Fiber.
  • Care Instruction: Machine wash gentle cycle with cold water. (Sun dry or low tumble dry).

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Down Alternative Comforter has all the feel, luxurious comfort and warmth of real down feathers, but


Goose down vs down alternative

Down comforters must be dry-cleaned to remain effective. Using regular washing detergents destroy the lofting characteristics that make down so fluffy. Once those characteristics are gone, the down loses much of its heat-capturing ability. On the contrary, alternative comforters do well in a regular washing machine. Once washed, throw it in the dryer and it will retain its loft and fluff, cycle after cycle. For ease of cleaning, synthetics are better.


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