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The problem of scalp health and hair loss is a common problem for many modern people. Whether it is caused by stress or lifestyle, staying up late, aging, dyeing, uneven nutrition or even long-term use of chemical shampoo may lead to The cause of the hair loss. How to choose a good anti-shamp shampoo is a very important knowledge. After all, the hair can be dyed white, but it is lost… it is a big trouble! 


–> PURA D’OR (4 oz) Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Shampoo, a natural gold standard in the United States that has been very popular since 2012, has been out of stock and replenishment since the launch of PURA D’OR. The brand prevents the sales champion of hair loss products. In the US Amazon site Amazon “PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Shampoo” There are up to nearly 10,000 consumer feedback, in which more than 6,000 five-star praise, repo rate up to 80%, accounting for hair growth shampoo sales charts 2nd place, 3rd place with hair and scalp care sales list! 


Pure natural gold standard anti-allergic shampoo PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Shampoo contains 100% natural botanical ingredients, no SLS (sulfate), parabens, artificial colors/fragrance or any other harmful chemicals Substance, certified by USDA Organic Department of American Agriculture, with natural botanicals such as biotin, organic argan oil, tea tree oil, Yin orchid and lavender essence and Polygonum multiflorum and antioxidants to help prevent hair loss, nourish hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Can effectively solve many hair crises, such as hair dry break, hair loss problems, hair lack of luster and hair thinning curl, can be seen after 3 months of use. The most important base ingredient is extracting essential oils , including the core product of PURA D’OR, “Organic Argan Oil,” which has high antioxidant capacity, while the texture is light and thin, which can effectively strengthen hair toughness; while other essential oils are extracted separately. From pumpkin, rosemary and palm leaves, it protects the hair roots and achieves deep nourishment. In addition, the high-quality ingredients that are worth mentioning include tea tree oil and ricin extract, which can effectively purify the scalp and maintain a healthy environment for hair growth; biotin (vitamin H) is rich in water-soluble vitamin B, which makes hair stronger and more abundant; Flower essence is already recognized as an important hero against hair loss.


Although some users will take effect immediately in a short period of time, in general, it will take 3 months after continuous use every day, and there will be obvious results. After foaming when washing your hair, let the foam stay on the hair for more than 2 minutes, then rinse it. In view of the difference in hair quality, some damaged hair may feel dry after use. It is recommended to cooperate with PURA D’. OR’s deep moisturizing conditioner enhances the overall feel and effect. At the beginning of use, there may be hair loss, which is a normal process, and both men and women can use it with peace of mind. PURA D’OR also has launched blue-label shampoos and hair care products, and the biggest difference with the gold-label series products is whether the raw materials are purely natural, and the gold-standard products and anti-corrosion ingredients are all 100% natural plant-based  ! 
American brand PURA D’OR imports organic argan oil directly from Morocco, and does not add any chemical ingredients. It is not only extracted by the industry’s highest standard of cold pressing, but also certified by USDA organic department of the United States. It is light and highly resistant to oxidation. Force, can also achieve deep moisturizing, has a very magical maintenance effect on the skin and hair! Argan oil (also known as “Arabiin”) is only produced in the southern part of Morocco. It can be said that it is one of the three treasures of Morocco. The production process of argan is very complicated and the process is cumbersome. Today, it is still mainly based on artificial harvesting. It takes a day and a half to produce one liter of arsenic, and it takes up to 12 hours of manpower to just knock out enough argan nuts.


Organic Argan Oil Natural Argan Oil is another star product of the brand. The Amazon Amazon website is close to 6,000 consumer feedbacks, including more than 75% of the five-star rating, made of 100% natural organic argan oil. It does not contain any other harmful chemicals or artificial flavors. It has been certified by USDA Organic Department of the United States Agriculture and is hypoallergenic and gluten-free. Suitable for face, body and hair care, nut oil contains more vitamin E than aloe vera and olive. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega3 and Omega 9. It can provide the most moisturizing nutrients to the hair and skin, in addition to reducing The uncomfortable feeling of dry skin can also help nourish the scalp, improve the dryness, lack of luster and bifurcation of the hair, and the effect of deep nourishment is excellent!


<Brand Story> 
PURA D’OR In order to adhere to the best quality of all products and to carry out the guarantee of pure natural plant, in addition to having its own laboratory for research and development and testing, most of the plant materials are manually selected. Harvested, and in order to ensure effective control of the quality of the control, all products have not been outsourced manufacturers, but also use renewable energy to produce locally in the United States, committed to friendly environment and friendly animal processes.

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