Important Notes! iPhone X Preorder for £999!!

I haven’t seen this much excitement around a new iPhone since the iPhone 6 in recent years! The iPhone X was the main event, the thing everybody was waiting for, and while the handset is very striking looking, a lot of people are not very impressed with Apple’s pricing – Apple has become the first major mobile phone company to break the £1,000 barrier. If you’re eager to put down $1,000 or more for Apple’s new bezel-less, OLED-equipped iPhone X, you’ll probably want to be awake and ready at the iPhone X preorder page come October 27th. Here are some highlights of iPhone X:

iPhone X Specification

  • iPhone X: 5.8″ Super Retina HD
  • IPX67 water resistant rating, glass and aluminum alloy body
  • New A11 Bionic processor
  • 64GB or 256GB capacities
  • Upgraded 12MP camera with better low-light capability
  • Dual lens – wide angle f/1.8 lens and telephoto f/2.4 lens
  • 4K/60fps Ultra HD or 1080p/240fps slo mo video recording
  • iPhone X battery life is 2 hours longer than iPhone 7

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iPhone X Preorder – Date and Vendors

Preorder for the iPhone X will begin on October 27. Release date is set for November 3. Order from your favorite carrier or vendor, and you will be shipped the iPhone like any other online purchase. How easy is that?

The iPhone is preorderable online from these vendors:

  • Apple Stores
  • AT&T– BOGO FREE (for DirecTV or U-Verse subscribers)
  • Best Buy
  • O2 (UK)
  • Sprint – 50% off Monthly Lease w/ iPhone 7 Trade-in
  • T-Mobile – up to $300 credit w/ eligible phone trade-in
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless– Up to $300 Trade-In + Unlimited Plan
  • Vodafone (Australia)
  • Vodafone (UK)

Is It Worth to Preorder iPhone X?

The cost for iPhone X is as follows:

iPhone X 64 GB ($999)

iphone X 256 GB ($1,149)

It may be a bit expensive but most of the vendors provide trade-in or upgrade program, if this can be paid by instalment, I would say it is worth to buy iPhone X. If you upgrade once every two years, your bill is split over the course of 30-months, with an upgrade available after 80% of the iPhone is paid off. If you want to upgrade after one year, however, the iPhone’s price will be split over a 24-month period. In this plan, you will be able to upgrade your device after 50% of the iPhone is paid off.

  • Apple: Apple’s solution is the iPhone Upgrade Program, which allows you to break up the price of an unlocked iPhone into smaller monthly payments. These monthly payments can vary, based on both device price and how often you want to upgrade your device. If you’d rather buy the iPhone outright, don’t forget to check out Apple’s Trade-Up Program, which will give you money for your old devices towards the purchase of a new iPhone. You just might want to check out what your device is going for on eBay, though, since Apple isn’t very generous with their offers.
  • AT&T: Like the iPhone X Upgrade Program, the Next plan gives you 30 monthly installments and lets you upgrade to a newer iPhone after 80% is paid off, while their Next Every Year plan is 24 monthly payments, with an upgrade to a new device after 50% is paid off.
  • SprintThe iPhone Forever plan lets you lease a new iPhone over 12 monthly payments, then trade it in for the newest iPhone model upon release. The plan runs 18 months if you don’t upgrade after 12, and, at that point, you can either pay the difference to own the device or keep making monthly installments until the iPhone is paid off.
  • T-Mobile: Jump! On Demand breaks your cost over an 18-month span. After those 18 months, you can either pay the remaining balance on your smartphone or trade it in and “jump” to another one. You can also swap it for another phone anytime during those 18 months, up to 3 times per year, with no additional costs.
  • US Cellular: With their Early Upgrade Program, you can pay for your iPhone 8 over either 20, 24, or 30 months. You can trade in your device after 60%, 75%, or 80% has been paid off, respectively, and start a new plan with a new device.
  • Verizon Wireless: They require you to pay off at least 50% of your iPhone cost before upgrading to a newer iPhone each year.
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