Tai Ping Peak Cable Car Fast VIP Pass + Sky Terrace enjoy the Victoria Harbour Million Night View Raiders [Hong Kong must go place]

Tai Ping Peak Cable Car + Sky Terrace is the most representative must-see attraction in Hong Kong. The Peak Tram is the first cable car railway in Asia, and the  Sky Terrace can enjoy the world’s three night scenes of Victoria Harbour millions of night scenes.

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Hong Kong’s friends have come as well, so it is also the norm to line up the mountain. I am going to share a secret technique today. Someone will take you to the VIP channel .

You will soon be able to take the Taiping Peak Cable Car up the mountain and go to the Linglong Pavilion to see the millions of night scenes. Adding to the introduction of the Chocolate Museum at the Peak Galleria , this is also a good place to bring children to visit~

The first step is in KLOOK off the road to buy a good Peak Tram (fast track) , select the page when the set time of booking, then 15 minutes before the specified time is reached with the staff and the registration and tickets,  the designated place is Exit K at the MTR Central Station (ground exit).

The MTR Central Station K exit after, there will be many different collections crowds, remember to find KLOOK off road workers, after determining the correct line to follow the team.

In KLOOK off the road after the purchase, in the field can produce an electronic voucher or print a copy of the phone.

Because the purchase of the Peak Tram (including the Lingqi Pavilion) + Chocolate Museum Package, the Peak Tram + Ling Yi Ge Sky Terrace uses the same ticket, the big Zhang is the ticket to the Chocolate Museum, and the KLOOK Road sticker, in order to Stickers for identification must be attached to the body (chest).

The so-called fast pass of the Peak Tram is actually a guided tour that takes you to the VIP channel. You don’t need to line up with the general FIT, so remember to put the sticker on your body. The guide has a way to identify whether it is available at KLOOK. Ticket for tourists.

Because there are so many people on the Taiping Mountain, the tour guide will hold the flag of the KLOOK road. Remember to follow the road and go right. Then you will take the VIP channel and enter the bus stop of the Peak Tram.

There is almost no queue to reach the bus ride, just wait until the cable car is down and you can get on the bus, super fast.

There are a lot of people going up the mountain. After the cable car arrives, everyone is swarming up.

Because the cable car is not positioned, remember to quickly find the right location and sit down.

When you choose to go up the mountain in the afternoon, it is not black, but you can see the sunset and the night scene when you go up the mountain early, and it is easier to get stuck in a good position for taking pictures (laugh).

When going up the mountain, the mountain wall is on the left side and the right side is the city view. It is recommended to sit on the right side and have a beautiful scenery to enjoy. When going down the mountain, it is the opposite sitting on the left. After reaching the top of the mountain, the tour guide will complete his task. Dissolved on the spot.

The place where the cable car gets off is the first floor of the Sky Terrace Shopping Mall. Remember to take the escalator all the way to the top floor of the Sky Terrace Skyscraper.

When entering the Skyscraper, use the same ticket as the Taiping shan Cable Car to enter the gate.

In the afternoon, there are a lot of people in the Sky Terrace, and the more people there, the more people will be able to describe them when they leave at night.

Because of the early arrival of the card position, you will have luck to stay at the location suitable for taking pictures, from the evening to the evening,

while enjoying the super beautiful Hong Kong Victoria Harbour night scene.

The only pity is that the air quality is not good that day, it looks foggy. The day just happened to coincide with the super moon, but this year’s biggest full moon.

Leaving the Sky Terrace, we headed for the Peak Square.

The Art Of Chocolate Museum is located on the 2nd floor of the Peak Galleria.

On the second floor, you can see  the appearance of The Art Of Chocolate Museum.


There are many chocolate products on the cart.

In order to visit the museum, you need to purchase tickets

In addition to the tickets, there are also chocolate DIY or 8 kinds of chocolates.

There are KLOOK off road prior to purchase good on the Peak Tram & Attractions Package (fast track) package, if you simply purchase tickets or other chocolate museum experience, but also have cheaper than on-site ticket.

At the door, this Hong Kong Victoria Harbour is made of chocolate and is currently the world’s largest chocolate painting.

After entering the museum, the first introduction is chocolate and museum.

There are many works made of chocolate in the museum, and the level of detail of each product is really amazing.

There are a lot of works on display at the scene. Only a few sheets are posted for everyone’s reference. Those who are interested can go to the site to visit more works.

In addition to the works displayed, there are also chocolates that can be touched at will.

The package we purchased is a round-trip ticket for the Peak Tram, and we can take the cable car back to the mountain.

There is no such thing as a fast customs clearance on the return journey, so we can only queue up.

On the side of the square is a replacement of the Peak Tram, which is a tourist service center. You can go in and take pictures and make a card.



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