The most popular Halloween costume of the Year 2016 (Baby, Couple, Man, Woman, Pet)

It’s coming to the end of October and that means Halloween is on its way. Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume yet? If you haven’t, you better get started if you want to do it up right on October 31.

Personally, I am not very good at Halloween. As a child I got scared very easily, and as an adult I often find the pressure of figuring a costume out to be a much greater burden than the reward of having a costume. Love it or hate it, Halloween is almost here. Well, have no fear – at least until the night of ghouls and ghosts itself – we’ve compiled a list of best selling Halloween costume this year.

I decided to head over to Amazon and investigate some of the best-selling Halloween costume so far this year. Amazon broke them down by category, and I decided to leave out some of the more gory and/or risqué options, because I’m hoping to still be employed tomorrow. What I found was a lot of what you’d expect, a few surprises, and a shocking lack of Harley Quinn (though I’m sure she’ll be well represented this Halloween, with or without the support of Amazon).

If you’ve been trying to think about what you’ll be this year and didn’t know where to start, let this be a launching pad for your ideas. Especially these fun baby Halloween costumes recommended below are sure to create lasting memories for you and your baby. Classic Halloween costumes, such as baby animals, are popular as ever this year. Plenty of funny modern Halloween costume also await your baby or toddler, so have fun choosing a Halloween costume to suit that budding personality.


Best Selling Halloween costume


Baby’s Costumes

1.  Carter’s Unicorn Baby and Toddler Costume

Carters Baby Unicorn Costume - 2016, Carters.


This simple and comfortable Halloween costume consists of a fleecy hooded jacket, a matching undershirt, and coordinating tights. The sparkly unicorn horn is built right into the costume hood, so you won’t need to fuss with keeping track of extra pieces. There’s a plush mane and a fluffy tail attached, as well. Available for 3 months to 24 months. Check Amazon rating »

2.  Baby Fox Costume

baby fox costume -


Foxes have increased in popularity for several years. Your baby can be the cutest fox in the forest with this toasty knit costume. The bunting style is made to be snug and cozy, which your newborn might find quite soothing. Check Amazon rating »

3.  Owl Baby and Toddler Costume

Baby Owl Costume -

$27 from Amazon

Owls are everywhere this year, and Halloween is no different. This baby and toddler owl costume has incredibly cute, oversized eyes on the hood, big wings on the back, and a tie, because wise owls need ties. Striped legwarmers are included to coordinate with the tie. Sizes 6 months to 2T. Check Amazon rating »

4.  Baby Viking Costume

Baby Viking Costume -

The plush beard really makes the costume on this one! Obviously, a viking costume wouldn’t be complete without the horned hat, and this one has cool metallic accents. Available for 6 months to 2T.Check Amazon rating »


5.  Baby Werewolf Costume

baby werewolf costume -


This loveable wolfy look includes lots of fur to frame baby’s face and cute little ears on top. Furry arm and foot covers stick out of the one-piece costume body. Available for newborns through age 4, but be aware that this costume tends to run small. Check Amazon rating »


6.  Carters Baby Dragon Costume

Carters Baby Dragon Costume - 2016, Carters.


Another very simple, comfortable costume for babies and toddlers, this dragon set from Carters consists of a fleece hooded jacket and pants. It’s easy to put on and take off, which makes it ideal if your toddler is toilet training. Toddlers will love the “sharp” dragon teeth, the pointy ears, and the swinging dragon tail. Available for 3 months to 24 months. Check Amazon


7. Silly Sunflower Baby Costume

This baby sunflower costume has a lot of flash for not so much cash. The big, bright sunflower petals are attached to the headpiece, and there’s a cute felt leaf attached, too. Available for 6 months to 2T. Check Amazon rating »


8.  Baby Hot Dog Bunting Costume

baby hot dog costume -

This silly Halloween costume will have everyone laughing. Baby will be snug inside a bunting shaped like a hot dog, complete with mustard and a bun. Available in infant sizes, for babies who are not mobile yet. Check Amazon rating »


9. Baby Peacock Halloween Costume

Baby Peacock Costume -


Want an eye-catching costume for your baby or toddler? Nature’s show-off, the peacock, provides the perfect Halloween inspiration for this beautiful costume. Bold purple and teal in soft satin and fuzzy velvet form the main body and feathers of the costume, and lavender sequins and gold accents finish the look perfectly. Available from 6 months through 2T. Check Amazon rating »


10. Retro Robot Toddler Costume

toddler robot costume -


Robots are perennially popular with toddlers. This cool retro robot Halloween costume has gears and gadgets all over, and awesome metallic accents. There’s a bodysuit, an outer robot body, and a headpiece that fastens under the chin. Available for sizes 2T to 6. Check Amazon rating »


Men’s costumes

Men's costumes

I didn’t really know what to expect here, but an inflatable T. Rex was definitely not on my radar. That said, if you think you can deal with being inside that fan-inflated bubble for a few hours, I think it’s a pretty solid look for Halloween. It at least shows commitment, which I can appreciate.

As for Maverick, that strikes me as a perennial Halloween costume that will be worn with false irony by college bros and genuine irony by adults for years to come — an all-timer in the world of Halloween costumes. Who doesn’t want to wear a onesie and aviators out for a night?

And while the Power Rangers making the list may be surprising to some, there’s a new movie coming out next year. I’m not one to get too excited about trailers, but the trailer does look kind of amazing. There’s a chance we’ll be seeing many more power rangers in years to come.

Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume, $69.34.
Top Gun Men’s Flight Suit Adult Costume, $36.31.
Official Power Ranger Morphsuit Costume, $35.38.

Women’s costumes

Women's costumes

Amazon Halloween costume

With the marketing power of Disney now behind the Star Wars franchise, and a new movie coming out basically every year between now and eternity, I fully expect Rey to become one of the most popular Halloween costumes out there. It’s a pretty solid look — you get to wear flowing fabrics and take a big ole staff with you wherever you go. It’s also a costume I can see some entrepreneurial minds putting together from scratch.

Regarding the skeleton and bat, they are fairly common Halloween fare, both ideas unlikely to go out of spooky-style for quite some time.

Women’s Cozy Bat Costume, $40.54.
Women’s Spandex Printed Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Catsuit, $29.67.

Costumes for couples

Costumes for couples

Amazon Halloween costume

There are many ways to show the world that you and your partner are in love, and wearing matching or complementary costumes out on Halloween is certainly one of them.

That said, the success rate on couple’s Halloween costumes is not that high. If the responses you’re getting are something around “Aww, cute!” you’re way ahead of the curve. With that marker of quality in mind, I think the PB&J costume works pretty alright here; it’s simple enough that everyone will get it and doesn’t look all that uncomfortable for spending a night out in.

Same goes for the plug and socket costume.

FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly Set, $29.97.
Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume, $32.30.

Costumes for your pet

Costumes for your pet

Pet? Why not? I am speaking from a personal bias of adorableness here, but I am in the camp that the lion’s mane is the only necessary pet Halloween costume. Look at how cute that cat is! And it makes dogs happy, too! And you can spend the whole night holding your pet to the sky like Rafiki did Simba, and I bet it gets a laugh almost every time. I know some people like more cutesy costumes for their pets, but the lion’s mane is all you need.

Lion Mane Dog/Cat Costume, $15.95.

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