Top 7 Clarins Products Review from Online Bloggers

With thousands of beauty products on offer it’s almost impossible to know where to start. If you hate to shop around on all skin care products online, I would recommend you to use Clarins products as The Clarins skin care line offers a large number of skin cleansers, to exfoliate skin and unclog pores. The Clarins skin care line also includes a number of day time and night time moisturizers. Among the latter kind, the Multi-Active Night Recovery Cream was formulated by the company to repair the skin while you sleep. Here are some bloggers’ recommendation from Clarins products review.

Top 7 Clarins Products Review from Bloggers


1. Multi-Active Day Cream – This is wonderfully moisturizing. A pea-size amount is enough for whole face and ALL DAY. The formula contains glycerin, shea butter, and trehalose which has water binding properties. >>Click here to order!

Most of the bloggers like that it has SPF, but doesn’t leave a white cast and it’s very light. The texture is light but comforting enough to keep dry skin and fine lines at bay. It’s a really lovely cream and a great way to start the day.

2. Blue Orchid Oil – This hydrating face oil is good to use at night. It is an excellent product for dehydrated skin, people with dry or normal skin could use it more often. It smells gorgeous and leaves skin soft and hydrated by morning. If you’ve never tried a face oil, It is recommended to try this one! This is highly recommended from Clarins Products Review.  >>Click here to order!

3. Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herb – This is what many bloggers use to wash/ cleanse their skin every day! They apply it to dry skin and wash off with water, sometimes they’ll use the Toning Lotion on top with a cotton pad – but not always. It literally removes all last trace of make-up and pollution – and really works with dry skin type. >>Click here to order!

4. Liquid Bronze – This is a milky lotion that gives your skin a very natural, lightly tanned appearance. you could apply it before bed, after cleansing. It’s super easy to use, and gives you a lovely healthy glow in the morning. Bloggers call it “weekend-away in a bottle” with very good Clarins Products Review. >>Click here to order!

5. Beauty Flash Balm – It’s a classic for a reason! It does exactly what it says on the tube! It is not necessary to use it everyday but when you need a skin ‘pick-me-up’ this is the go-to wonder product. >>Click here to order!

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6. Renew Plus Body Serum Age Defying – This has to be my very favourite Clarins product!! It’s basically a body lotion that has a very light, fluid texture, so it melts into your skin within seconds – it also smells amazing! I’ll miss this one the most. >>Click here to order!

7. Tonic Body Treatment Oil – Last but by no means least!! This little beauty has seen many mother safely through their pregnancies with NO stretchmark’s. This product has been sworn by pregnant women since the 80’s so figured it was worth it and so far it has. Some users have a few from teenage years on their legs and thighs,

it definitely helps minimalize them. I believe lot of girls will be forever grateful and a true devotee. >>Click here to order!


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